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What you need to know post-abortion depression

Abortion takes an emotional toll on many women. Temporary feelings of shame and guilt are common, but they usually subside quite quickly. However, women, especially those who have dangerous backstreet abortions, are usually not told about post-abortion emotions, and this can cause a spiral of heightened feelings of anxiety and even cause depression. Even though…

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How to fight abortion stigma

The Abortion Stigma in South Africa There is a global stigma attached to the word ‘abortion’. It carries negative connotations such as ‘dirty’, ‘embarrassment’ and ‘humiliation’; this leads to women seeking ‘backstreet’ abortions, which are illegal, unsafe and often ineffective. Today, we’re fighting back in an effort to erase abortion stigma in South Africa.

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ADVICE: What to look out for when using internet/mobile dating sites

The festive season is a time of merriment and creating wonderful memories with friends and family. If you’re single, watching your married/engaged friends having a wonderful time with each other may cause you to use online/mobile dating sites to find a potential ‘friend’ with whom you can enjoy the season.

Nicola Harris Abortion Conversations

Body of Work: Abortion Conversations exhibition part 4: Nicola Harris

In the final instalment of our Body of Work: Abortion Conversations series, we’re exploring the work of artist Nicola Harris. Body of Work: Abortion Conversations features artists who have developed pieces specifically on the topic of abortion. The exhibition, hosted by Marie Stopes in conjunction Amnesty International and EASI, the End Abortion Stigma Initiative, was…